Date: 14/July/2017
Realized with the cooperation of the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation and the Rómer Flóris Museum of Art and History, Győr, the large-scale exhibition of Miklós Borsos (1906–1990) presents key works of a seminal 20th-century Hungarian sculptor who used the most diverse material and was active in a wide range of genres. The exhibits are arranged thematically: alongside the main body of his work, from the early pieces in an archaic tenor to the mature period marked by organic abstraction, there are sections devoted to his portraits of fellow artists and family members, music-related works, pieces whose theme is mythological, and the world of nature (animals, plants, times of the day).
Date: 06/July/2017
Continuously expanded, the Kovács Gábor Collection is one of the most prestigious private collections in Hungary. Following a number of exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, the collection is now introduced in Hajós with a special selection that guides the viewer through one of the most exciting periods in the history of Hungarian painting, the rise of realist painting, through the work of Mihály Munkácsy, László Paál, László Mednyánszky, Géza Mészöly, Sándor Bihari and others.
Date: 30/June/2017
József Egry (1883–1951) discovered the scenery of Lake Balaton in the 1920s. Lake Balaton’s wide spaces, light-filled atmosphere, the play of light and air, simultaneously made him aware of the pure power of light, luminous colours and the presence of a cosmic world order.
Date: 28/May/2017
Between 28 May and 20 August, 2017, the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation presents a retrospective exhibition of Gobelin artist Zsuzsa Péreli at the Tornyai János Museum in Hódmezővásárhely.