ABSTRACT REALITY - Avant-garde endavours in 20th-century European graphic art

KOGART Exhibitions Tihany

Date: 05/October/2014 - 25/January/2015

With almost seventy works selected from two private collections lesser known to the general public, this exhibition outlines major tendencies in European graphic art, particularly the various trends and directions of formal abstraction.

Both the Imre Patkó and the Pán-Mezei Collection hold exciting discoveries in store. The lives of the collectors, who belonged to almost the same generation, their characteristically 20th-century approach to collection, as well as their friendship with the leading international artists of their time, link a host of personal stories to each item in their collections. This exhibit offers a taste of these stories, presenting European avant-garde artists associated with non-figurative, expressive or geometric abstraction (Georges BRAQUE, Marc CHAGALL, CORNEILLE, Sonia Delaunay, Natalia GONCHAROVA, Max ERNST, Joan MIRÓ, Pablo PICASSO, Dorothea TANNING). Further, the display places an emphasis on featuring Hungarian-born artists who earned considerable recognition internationally (Etienne BEÖTHY, Simon HANTAÏ, Judit REIGL, Victor VASARELY). 

The electronic catalogue of the exhibition is available on the website of KOGART Tihany, along with essential and interesting information on the artists and the collectors, as well as a excerpts from their writings.

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KOGART Exhibitions Tihany
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