Date: 01/October/2010 - 12/January/2011

With the joint exhibition of sculptor Boldi (Boldizsár Szmrecsányi) and painter József Szurcsik, the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation introduces a new initiative. When two key figures of the middle generation of contemporary Hungarian art present a selection from their work to date, a strong interaction commences, both within and across the oeuvres.

Self-enclosed, perfectly polished and rounded, the nudes, portraits and stylized natural forms Boldi makes predominantly from Carrara marble constitute a modern follow-up to Brancusi’s tradition. Boldi releases his figures from the marble by removing the excess with direct carving, as was the practice of the masters of ancient Greek sculpture. Sculptures in bronze and stones of different colours add variety to the material.

József Szurcsik’s monumental, often surrealistic pictures are also rooted in the age-old European tradition of art. His schematically outlined, rigid characters, which emerge from geometric architectural motifs, recall the figures of the great ancient cultures of the Middle East (Egypt, Sumer, Assyria). These symbolic shapes can also be considered emblems of power in the age of the characterless mass society, as well as metaphors of the impersonality of the contemporary world.

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.