AFFINITIES AND TRANSFORMATIONS • 18th and 19th-century Hungarian paintings in private collections

Hungarian National Museum

Date: 23/March/2013 - 25/August/2013

The Hungarian National Museum and the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation stage an exhibition in the spring of 2013, an initiative that is unique in the local cultural scene for a number of reasons.

The exhibit offers an extensive view of Hungarian painting in the 18th and 19th centuries, with all the exhibits being borrowed from private collections. As a consequence, this display has significance not only as an art historical overview of the birth of the nation’s painting and its development until the end of the 19th century, but also as a rare moment of cultural history when the hidden treasures of private collections leave their homes for a few months before becoming invisible again for the public eye.

The exhibits, almost 130 in all, include such outstanding works as large mythological compositions by Károly Markó the Elder, the father of the Hungarian landscape painting, portraits by Miklós Barabás, who painted the likeness of almost every important personage of 19th-century Hungary, historical works by Bertalan Székely and Viktor Madarász, and Dusty Road by Mihály Munkácsy. In addition to these masters, the exhibition offers a colourful display of the works of Ádám Mányoki, János Donáth, Károly Telepy, László Paál, Géza Mészöly, Gyula Benczúr, Pál Szinyei Merse, László Mednyánszky, Károly Ferenczy, and fifty other important Hungarian painters.

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