The Face of Art - The Faces of Artists


Date: 14/March/2007 - 25/June/2007

The Hungarian National Gallery celebrates the 50th anniversary of its establishment in 2007. To commemorate the event, the gallery organizes a large-scale exhibition in KOGART House, entitled The Face of Art – The Faces of Artists.

The display features Hungarian painting and sculpture from the past two centuries, self-portraits and portraits the artists made of, and for, one another. Some 150 paintings and about 40 sculptures offer an insight into how the representation of the creative self changed throughout the epochs of art history, how the artists of the past 200 years saw themselves and fellow creators. This thematic exhibition is one of the most interesting displays of 2007, partly because it presents outstanding artworks by the best Hungarian painters and sculptors, and also because it have been a very long time since the local public could last see a selection with this approach.

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.