Across Bridges of Light – An Oeuvre Exhibition of József Egry


Date: 31/March/2011 - 31/July/2011

One of the most individual oeuvres in Hungarian painting belongs to József Egry (1883-1951). Best known in his native land as “the painter of Lake Balaton,” his work in fact features a richness of techniques and subjects, is a true representative of the novel thought of the early 20th century.

The protagonist of his early paintings is the man on the street: passers-by, porters, sailors, maids and Bohemians, who might remind one of the happy-go-lucky characters of a JenőRejtő novel. Lake Balaton became the focus of his art in the early 1920s, and for a good reason too: the laconic and reserved painter lived on its shore throughout most of his life. Relaxed and airy, his signature technique overlaps oil pastel, graphics and oil painting. His unusual and singular compositions are sensitive attempts to capture such atmospheric phenomena as water, vapour and air, and above all, light, like so many visions. His works are often described as “lyrical,” and two analysts, ErnőKállai and IstvánGenthon detect parallels between his art and Ady’s poetry, the latter’s mood and representation of landscapes.

This exhaustive display presents outstanding works from József Egry’s entire oeuvre, from the early years to the very end of his creative life.

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1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.