KOGART Exhibitions Tihany

Date: 22/April/2018 - 01/July/2018

Recollection is reconstruction, the rearrangement of images of times, impressions, scents, sounds, colours and textures. It is a fictitious world we assemble from the bits that are at hand—making the result to conform to our desires more and more with every recollection. István Orosz’s graphic works and Botond Polgár’s sculptures, however, manifest a different kind of mental process or practice.

Both artists rely on firm precedents that are rooted in the classical tradition of art, but the ways they arrange them in sequences are not the customary ones. On the contrary, they explore new courses of thought, and push the boundaries of memory and imagination, as they look beyond the line of horizon. István Orosz’s anamorphoses and illusionistic spaces, and Botond Polgár’s sculptures, which live in the memory in a fragmentary form, or are only half-shaped by the imagination, show not what can be imagined, but make an attempt at representing the inconceivable.