Urban Miracles - Márton Takáts in the Kogart Collection

KOGART Exhibitions Tihany

Date: 21/September/2019 - 24/November/2019

Exhausted, with deep breathes from its enormous nostrils strides forth the embodiment of draughtsmanship, Dürer’s rhino on the streets of Budapest. It does not find its place. It does not find its own time. With tediousness it tumbles over on the square, blocking the tram, while the good citizens ignore it – they are in a hurry, all this is only natural. It is a peculiar stroke of luck, that the city was built to accommodate such miracles

In the graphics of Márton Takáts the disrupted time and the grotesque, but never cruel world which lurks in front of our eyes transform into rigid lines, so we can witness the moments of urban legends: sculptures descending from their columns, devilish figures playing hosts, or as – ascending time and space – fate has brought together Glenn Gould and Casanova, who have just returned from his many sojourns chatters away at the piano of Takács’ studio. Nothing could be more naturel, for it is the artist himself who guides us in this lively and at the same time lonely world, which is caught only in the eye of the beholder – where reality is determined by describing, drawing it. Márton Takács, the wandering engraver, is at the same time the witness, describer and creator of the everyday urban miracles and legends populated by the metallic curves of rails, abandoned underpasses, and chairs resting on their tables of a closing-time coffee.

One of the well-defined lines in the building of the Collections of the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation is the compilation of a substantial and representative graphic material. Márton Takács was an established name within this segment of the Collection, with his series entitled Hommage à Piranesi, among others. As a next step in our endeavour the KOGART Collection took in its care the technically immensely diverse graphic oeuvre of Márton Takács. The more than 400 pieces of artworks are further enriched by the fact, that the studies and sketches, proof prints, and the copper plates for the final artworks are also part of the Collection. The selection presented in this exhibition grants an insight into the artistic process, the technical and compositional trials, and into the mysteries that lie in our everyday lives – into the urban miracles!

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