Morphology of Void - Exhibition of BIKÁCSI Daniela, KONDOR Attila and KROÓ Anita

Kempinski Gallery

Date: 17/June/2014 - 28/September/2014

The exhibition focuses on the uncovering of shapes of „absence”, the complex notion and philosophical layers of void and emptiness by means of painting. The three artists represent three different generations and three different styles, and present the overlap between human-constructed and fictional space, the relationship between intellectual and material space, and the notions of the concrete and universal, as well as void and emptiness.

Daniela Bikácsi (born in 1943) guides the viewer to a metaphysical sphere of living space through her strongly symbolic geometric shapes and formally abstracted, almost abstract motifs such as a swimming pool, a statue and a park. Attila Kondor (born in 1974) construes his artistic world consciously from both a theoretical and technical point of view. The main motif of his paintings is the sometimes tense, sometimes balanced relationship between architectural elements and landscape details, while the definitive compositional principle remains absence, unfinishedness and a lack of life. Although Kondor’s works emanate from a realistic, existing starting point, their content point toward a transcendent and meditative essence. Anita Kroó (born in 1985) is the youngest in the group. Her work reveals her own personal past and present by way of various Budapest neighbourhoods without people in her paintings. Her buildings depicted from exciting perspectives and novel angles evoke well known edifices, while they also elevate them into a pared down, abstracted vision.

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Kempinski Gallery
1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 7-8.