Fresh 2011


Date: 05/August/2011 - 18/September/2011

More than an exhibition, FRESH is a tradition and a point of reference. In its eighth year now, it is the forum that first invited public attention to artists at the beginning of their careers. It goes beyond a mere display when it brings together the profession (gallery owners, art historians and critics), the public and the most promising, yet-to-be discovered artists, providing a boost to the careers of the latter.

FRESH is both a starting line in art life, and a professional platform that looks at the myths, automatisms and stereotypes that surround contemporary art through an examination of visual artists at the outset of their careers. In addition to selecting exhibitors from Hungarian institutions, this year we have added a regional flavour by inviting six young contemporary artists from Unarte, Bucharest. We hope to hint at what is going on at our neighbour’s: a shared part of our culture and collective memory, yet not so well-known in Hungary. To this day, the communal and individual traumas of East-Central Europe are of decisive importance for the life and art of even the youngest generation.

Past is continuously in the present tense, as is testified by the Hungarian and Romanian participants of FRESH 2011, who explore self-definition as determined by the social heritage. The approaches vary between a reserved seriousness and an ironic take on the banality of the quotidian. The theme-based arrangement highlights those channels of communication that indicate the traditions (nostalgia), the history (ethnic/political conflicts), the direct and passive exposure to events, the communal experiences (subculture) and social myths (pornography) that are encoded in the different notions of the self. 

We ask questions to trace the logical links, the creative trends and attitudes. We hope to identify the place of contemporary art, especially that created by the youngest artists, within the complex structure of social and market processes. Our mission is to serve, not to prophesy.

Exhibiting artists: antalaci, BODOLÓCZKI Linda, BÖGI Diána, BRÜCKNER János, FÁTYOL Viola, FRIDVALSZKI Mark, GERGELY-FARNOS Lilla, HOLLÓS Ádám, horrorpista, HORVÁTH Erzsébet, JAGICZA Patrícia, KARSAI Dániel, M. PÁLL Zoltán, George MARINCIU, Radu MOCANU, MOHAMED GAMAL Sophia, MOLNÁR Ágnes Éva, NAGY Benjámin, ORR Máté, PINCZÉS József, RADICS Márk, Stefan SAVA, SZABÓ Gergely, SZALAI Dorottya, Razvan TUN, Daniela VASILIU, VASVÁRI Márta, Daniela VIRLAN

The public can stay up to speed with the various side events of FRESH 2011 by visiting the Facebook page of the curators (Friss Kurátorok)

16 September
5-6 pm        Finissage
from 8 pm   Pecha Kucha Night

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.