ENSLAVED - A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery


Date: 20/February/2017 - 26/May/2017

On 20 February, KOGART House presents a selection from the works of acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine, who wants to throw a light on contemporary slavery. The exhibition will be open until the end of April.

Lisa does not simply make photographs: her works inspires change. She documents indigenous cultures in over 100 countries on six continents, creating powerful images to fight such significant social issues of today as slavery, which is the subject of the exhibition now opening.


While it is illegal everywhere in the world, slavery exists in many countries. Today more than 30 million people are enslaved in the world: many have been tricked into their current condition by promises of a better life, instead of which now they work without pay, under threat of violence, unable to walk away. Entire families can be enslaved for generations over a debt as small as $20. Commerce is the motive force of today’s slavery: while the goods that enslaved people produce have value, they themselves are treated as disposable. Astonishingly, slavery generates multiple billions of dollars worldwide in illegal profits.

Lisa Kristine cooperates with many NGOs that fight modern slavery. She speaks out for the cause on such media platforms as CNN and Reuters, at TED events, and lectures at museums, NGOs, business conferences, colleges and universities. The UN and Amnesty International have both acknowledged her work with their awards. She continues to work with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican as well as the Global Sustainability Network.