AVENUE - oeuvre exhibition of the painter Imre Kocsis


Date: 02/March/2012 - 15/April/2012

Csernus, Magritte, hyperrealism. Imre Kocsis’s exhibition, which opens at the beginning of March, fits into last years' series of exhibits.

Landscapes seen through keyholes, street scenes, scythes and peace – these are the recurring themes of Kocsis’s work. This is an art that is easy to interpret, constructed as it is from the details and objects of our everyday environment. Objects and living beings: Kocsis’s art thrives on his knowledge of botany, his love of butterflies. A constructor and experimenter, he builds the structure of his paintings with care and precision, while trying ever new techniques. At the same time, nowhere is his technical versatility more apparent than in his graphic oeuvre. A painter and educator, Imre Kocsis owns a lifelong indebtedness to Andrássy út, the Avenue.

Free guided tours from 14 March organized by the KOGART Volunteer Program every Wednesday at 3 pm and every Sunday at 11 am (in Hungarian)

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.